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Zone Six - Psychedelic Scripture and Live In Der Regenbogenfabrik

Zone Six - Psychedelic ScriptureZone Six from Germany comprises of Dave Schmidt (bass, flute and percussion) Martin Schorn (synths and bells), Rusty Viltz (keys and vocals), Hans-Peter Ringholz (guitars) and Claus Buhler (drums). Psychedelic Scripture was recorded in the year 2000, but has seen the light of day 2004 after being mixed this year.

Three tracks take us through the psychedelic tunnels which is hard to compare to anyone in particular, but Tangerine Dream, Hillage, Kraftwerk and early Pink Floyd make a early impression in the sounds. The distorted guitars and space like bass flow through the whole album, and on the same subject as space, the electronics appear and fade. Second track The Pipe Dream is the longest at twenty-one and a half minutes and is a fine example of the electronic sounds I just mentioned.

Mainly instrumental, but you get the odd vocal appearing in the mix, and after hearing this through the headphones, it certainly puts you through several angles and stages in your mind.

The three tracks are Extremadura, The Pipe Dream and The Sacred Toad, the first and third track clocking in at a shade over fourteen minutes each. It is not really a drive album, but a more at home out in the summer garden sort of album. Just a cardboard sleeve that opens out is basic but practical and has various web site addresses to do with the German psychedelic scene.

It is a good mix of sounds and hits many heights along the duration, it is a album to enjoy.

Zone Six - Live In Der RegenbogenfabrikMoving on to the double live CD Live In Der Regenbogenfabrik Berlin, again many sounds make up the over two hours duration of psychedelic music.

To get the full effect. I feel I would have to see the full light show and images, but two of the nine tracks stand out for me and they are Vor Dem Einschlag and Porzellanladen.

Vocals are in the band's native German language, and the Tangerine Dream, Hillage and Floyd influences shine through.

It is self financed as the discs are CD-r, but don't let that put you off as the live sound is well recorded.

Check out the web sites below.

Danny Mayo



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