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Xi - Low (CD-EP)

Xi - Low (CD-EP)Low is the debut single from West Yorkshire band, Xi.  Xi have been around for about six years, I believe, and during that time have released a number of demos and downloadable tracks and, of course, have been busy gigging but Low, on the Panama record label, is the band's first 'proper' release.

The three tracks on this CD-EP are chosen well, the first and title track, Low, being a cut from their forthcoming debut album.  And what an album that will be if Low is anything to go by.  Possibly best described as melodic power rock with the clear vocal talents of Daz at the forefront of the mix (but not in your face) and percussion together with guitar not far behind, leaving keyboards in the background.  Altogether a very nice mix of complex power choruses and delicious delicate verses with female backing vocals.

Under My Feet is slightly more delicate than the first but with even more urgency and underlying 'heaviness'.  The interesting arrangement on this one where the vocals are swapped over, like a tag team, shows ingenuity.

Rebel Yell (Billy Idol) completes the disc and of all the cover versions of this I have heard over the years, Xis is one of the best with the integrity of the original upheld..

This CD could become a collectors item as only 450 copies have been pressed so get it while you can via Burbs (link below).  The album should be worth the wait.

Jem Jedrzejewski





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