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The Xenith Sound - Innocence (Demo EP)

This new demo EP from The Xenith Sound is very well produced, and well presented too. The four songs, Beautiful, Love Child, Haven and Any Way clock in with a total time of just over 15 minutes. All of the tracks are well written and very well played, and when I reviewed their first demo, I said this lot will go along way. Well, my opinion still stands, and interest from an American label should launch them where they belong. All of the tracks are the classic Zeppelin, Bad Company, Free etc etc type sound, but my own opinion is they could get to Def Leppard status.

My personal favourite is the last track Any Way. Now a live version of this was on the last demo. The studio version is a lot stronger, and it will make a great single.

I would recommend anyone to see this lot perform; the music is great, tight songs, and if you like good old British Rock, this lot are the new sliced bread! Hope they move in higher places, they deserve it!

Danny Mayo



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