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The Xenith Sound (Demo)

From Yorkshire, The Xenith Sound was the support for Jadis from July 13th at Rotherham. Now, it is quite a surprise that these chaps are only around the 18-year-old mark, because the sound they produce is something fresh and a band to watch out for in the future. On the CD are 9 tracks, which are in the classic 70's mould of bands like Free and Bad Company, but they will have an EP out soon which I would like to hear to get the full recording picture.

On the CD, you have 5 studio tracks, and 4 live. They all have the classic riff that you would expect from a rock band.  The songs which stand out for me are Til' The End, Suicide and Saviour, but what I said before about the future, with a lucky break and a bit of exposure and they should be picked up by a metal label which hopefully will take them to higher things.

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