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White Willow - Storm Season

White Willow - Storm SeasonJudging by the number of search engine hits we have been receiving in the past few days, This new release from White Willow is what a lot of people have been waiting for.  Only a couple of days (at the time of writing) more folks, because it is released on 21st September on The Laser's Edge label.

It has been a long fours years since White Willow's last album, Sacrament, but like the promise of all good things, the wait has been worthwhile.

Possible Norway's best musical export since Edvard Grieg.  Founder member Jacob Holm-Lupo atmospheric compositions and arrangements and the wonderful haunting vocals of Sylvia Erichsen are pure escapism from daily life for the 47 minutes of Storm Season.

Oodles of Mellotron and strong, purposeful guitar work combined with superb Hammond (you just have to hear the track Nightside Of Eden) merge with the more delicate and light almost classical sections which retain that distinct Norwegian flavour.  Yes, there is a pastoral feel at times but also a heavier edge (Black Sabbath?) and stretching the similes a tad, I know, a hint of Renaissance if only due to the terrific vocals and classical overtones.

There are four guest musicians on this album in addition to White Willow's six, and to mention all (who clearly do a grand job) would probably bore you to bits.  That said, I must make special mention of Ketil Vestrum Einarsen's performance of flute on Chemical Sunset which, like that of John Hackett, is very moving in a classical vein.

Yes, the wait was worthwhile.

Jem Jedrzejewski

White Willow

Laser's Edge




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