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Wheatstone Bridge - (Demo)

Wheatstone Bridge - (Demo)Formed in July 2002 by guitarist David Wilson and drummer Ernie Planck, Wheatstone Bridge played many open mic events in their locality.  The ‘paying’ gigs started soon after and with that came the urgency to find a bass player. Many came and left (I think they wore them out!) until one year after it all began, John Taylor (bass and vocals) joined the band.

With much enthusiasm and great ambitions, the trio recorded this demo CD of three tracks totalling just less than 21 minutes in length.

Their musical tastes cover jazz, fusion, metal, prog metal, rock and prog rock and this is reflected in the music on this demo. Uniquely, they manage to incorporate all these genres within each track changing from to another at a drop of a hat, much like manic-depressives and schizophrenics going through mood changes.

Technically, they really know their stuff.  The sound mix is pretty interesting with good stereo imaging.  Ernie’s drumming is fast and accurate, so fast in fact that it may have the same effect on those folk who have to steer clear of stroboscopic lighting.  Main vocals, which I believe is down to John, sound uncannily similar to that of Ozzy Osbourne in the early Sabbath days.  However, the pieces are mainly instrumental with large chunks of metal (a mix of thrash and prog, but very heavy) with sudden moments of considerably more delicate and beautiful Yes style prog (tremendous bass and guitar playing) in a semi acoustic way, which come along just in time to save you from frenetic metal overload.  The contrast between these two extremes work well giving both the old style prog fan and the metal fan something to look forward to.

As a CD EP, these tracks work well to show off the talent these guys have.  If extrapolated to form a 60-minute album it may prove to be a tad too much for the more sensitive listener but I would guess that when Wheatstone Bridge get around to recording their debut they will balance it out.  Then (pardon the pun), who could resist them?

(Click on the link below for more information about the band, MP3s, etc.)

Jem Jedrzejewski

Wheatstone Bridge


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