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Withoutending - Withoutending

Withoutending - WithoutendingThe debut album from WithoutEnding was completed last year in 2004, and now ProgRock Records have released it. Formed in Melbourne Australia in Autumn 2001, Nicholas Georgakopoulos and Michael Totta set out to achieve the dark side of progressive metal, with odd time changes, and guitar melodies.

Joined on bass by Sam Schepis, the music can only be described as influenced with the likes of Dream Theater, late period Rush and Queensryche, and the nine tracks total forty six minutes.

On the album, there are keyboards played by Endel Rivers and Bill Kadi, and on certain tracks the female voice from Nicoletta Kardas puts a nice shine on certain tracks.

Nicholas is the drummer and vocalist, while Michael performs guitar and some bass, but on the vocal side, Nicholas has a strong voice which I feel is an important factor with this style of music. The guitar is a dominate piece to the jigsaw too, the power riffs play an important part in the song structure, which are well balanced and produced.

The third song Analyse is a gentle track, and has Nicoletta's crying voice at the start, while the forth track I Still Remember, which I feel is their strongest number, explores the personal breakdowns in relationships and is quite emotional. Nicholas's voice carries the emotion through the song, which also has nice keyboard touches.

The keyboard sound on the eighth track Compulsion has a nice riff and bass plod, while closing the album is a very nice piano, strings and vocal ballad which has the Queensryche feel to it.

On the whole, this is an impressive debut, with good strong songs, and I'm looking forward to their next release.

Danny Mayo



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