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Violent Silence - Violent Silence

Violent Silence - Violent SilenceIt is always of interest when a band attempts the unthinkable and ‘progresses’ rock in the truest sense of progressive rock.  Relative newcomers, Violent Silence, have done just that with this, their first album.

This Swedish band recorded the album back in the early part of 2002, which has been released on the Record Heaven label, and Musea outside of Scandinavia.

If you look at the line up of Bruno Edling (vocals), Hannes Ljunghall (keyboards), Johan Hedman (drums and Phillip Bastin (bass) you will note that guitar doesn’t feature whatsoever.  Naturally, the keyboard parts are at the forefront, but this does not make the music one-dimensional by any means.  The music relies on rhythm to progress with keyboards often taking on a ‘percussive’ role in performance and tonal quality.  Combine that thought with the complexity of Gentle Giant and the powerful modernistic approach of Sylvan and maybe you’ll have a clue as to what I am trying to describe.

Lyrics are in English and Bruno’s dynamic vocals range from that of a deeper Jon Anderson to a quality ‘new romantic’ band of the 80’s.

This is not a keyboard based album or band in the traditional sense; the musicianship is tight and fluid and the rhythms and arrangements are joy.  Comparisons are nigh on impossible but the more I hear it the more I think of Gentle Giant, YES and Sylvan minus guitar (and sometimes minus keyboard if you ignore the presence of percussive keyboard!).  In a word, Violent Silence is addictive (in a nice way).

Jem Jedrzejewski



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