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Vox Tempus (Promo 2004)

Vox Tempus (Promo 2004)They used to be known as Equinox but changed their name to Vox Tempus circa 2002.  The line up comprises Dan Reed (vocals), Ray Mantor (guitars), Eric Ragno Keyboards), Jim Turba (bass) and non other than Greg Bissonette (drums).

This 22-minute promo CD consists of three tracks, the first of which, For Every Life, was written in part for the late Ty Longley, friend of the band and guitarist for Great White, who died in the horrendous Rhode Island nightclub fire back in February 2003.

The band's style falls into the category of prog metal with emphasis on the melodic.  Dan's vocals are strong, as they should be for the genre, yet very harmonious and pleasing on the ear. 

Revelations places more emphasis on the 'progressive' with nice synth runs and washes and some great guitar pieces.  However, I consider the final of the three tracks on this promo, What About, to be the jewel in the crown and the most progressive, guitar work swapping between the deep chunky prog metal, to a down and out prog style matched by Eric's keyboard manipulation.

There are elements of perhaps Threshold and Dream Theater in the sound but such comparisons are not wholly relevant as Vox Tempus have their own thing going here.  And it's rather good.  The album should, on the basis of this promo, be worth the wait.

Jem Jedrzejewski

Vox Tempus



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