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Vox Tempus - In The Eye Of Time

Vox Tempus, In The Eye Of TimeAmerican power prog band Vox Tempus have delivered the goods on this album. The nine tracks flow along in an enjoyable near-hour period, and with a fine production and presentation, could be a name for the future. Starting off with For Every Life, you think of fellow Americans Enchant and Dream Theater, but by the ballad like third track Broken, the fine voice of Dan Reed shines and reminds me of a certain Dennis Young from Styx. The piano and other keyboards played by Eric Ragno, cut a fine edge, and creates the true large stadium band feel the American public know well.

Revelations is the fifth track, and a fine plodder moving along in the 4/4 vein, but the power chords from guitarist Ray Mantor denote the early few seconds. It is a pleasant mixture of acoustic and electric guitars from Ray, and the synths from Eric wind away the seven and a half minutes.

The Dream Theater influence becomes apparent in track six What About. On drums is the well-known Gregg Bissonette who has performed on many albums, and his style of drumming is thrown to the forefront. Again Dan's vocals control this song, sometimes soft and sometimes strong, and Ray comes on top with a pleasing solo.

The prog style keyboards and growling bass played by Jim Turba, combine with the twiddly guitar in the symphonic Voice Of Time, and Gregg stars with some excellent percussion skills. Just an instrumental, but a fine addition to the album.

Another ballad like start, gets the eighth track Love, Lies And Treason underway, and includes some nice vocal harmonies, and is the longest track on the album hitting the spot of nearly fourteen minutes. As you would expect, it twists, turns and changes tempo, and for me the highlight of the whole album. A nice thunder and rain sound brings this fine song to an end along with nice synth mood too, which combines with the final track Steal The Moment. Dan's voice sets the scene and holds the moment with the thunder and rain effects, before the close of the synth and piano.

This has been well produced by Ray Mantor, and will appeal to many people who like the American ballad type rock and the power of bands such as Dream Theater. Worth a purchase, and an ideal driving album for the car.

Danny Mayo

Vox Tempus


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