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Vietgrove - The Little Apocrypha

Vietgrove - The Little ApocryphaTheir website describes Vietgrove as 'Britain's most obscure band' in a humorous but almost apologetic way for the benefit and warning to those who accidentally arrive on their page.

If by 'obscure' they are referring to their music (and not the personnel), I suppose it is unless you are well into instrumental prog with multiple influences.  In other words, there is nothing to fear and plenty to enjoy.

Vietgrove have been around since the mid-eighties and have 'released' a handful of cassettes in the early years leading to their first CD in 1994.  Norman Fay (synthesist/keys/programmer/12-string guitar) and Mark Bailey (guitars, bass) started recording The Little Apocrypha in 1997 which was released in 1993 (life got in the way).

The music is intricate and melodious.  Humour me and imagine you are alone lying on the cushioned base of a long rowing boat drifting with the current through a Roger Dean landscape, and that, I think, encapsulates the general mood.  There are no obvious direct comparisons to be made here so do not dwell too much when I go on to mention a few well known names such as bits of Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield, Genesis/Anthony Phillips, Camel, and Gryphon.  78 minutes of modern electronica prog merges with medieval and classical in equal measures of stimulation and relaxation in a delicate prog style.

This is not an album anyone who is into prog could possibly dislike.  Either you love it or have no strong feelings about it, if you know what I mean, but hate is not an option.  Get your own virtual cushioned boat and enjoy the journey.

(The album can be obtained via the band and selected distributors, all detailed on the Vietgrove website (see link below).)

Jem Jedrzejewski



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