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Van & Borner - Miracles

Van & Borner - MiraclesBack in 2003 we reviewed a promo CD of Miracles and were impressed with the two tracks we heard.  Much has happened since; Sabina Borner is no longer with the band and Barbara Zielinska-Van, we understand, is following an even more progressive style with her renamed band called Van.

Miracles (released in 2003) sees Van and Borner on synthesisers with guest musicians Darek Budkiewicz (bass), Marek Gorlitz (guitars) and Jola Literska (vocals).

The feel is a combination of Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel-Jarre and Dave Gilmour to a certain degree.  The 'electronica' of synthesisers and programmed percussion is well and truly balanced by the cracking bass, guitar and occasional vocals, the latter being in the delicate unobtrusive background style of Sally Oldfield.

The arrangements and compositions swirl and soar with underlying mesmerising rhythms, generating atmospheres which are as cosseting as they are exhilarating.

This may be the last Van and Borner collaboration and thoughts will now be turned to what Van will come up with in due course, but Miracles is a 'must have' for anyone who appreciates beautiful music.

Jem Jedrzejewski



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