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Unicorn Records - Progression In Balance Vol. 1

Unicorn Records - Progression In Balance Vol. 1I am not what you could call a huge fan of sampler CDs, progressive or otherwise, as it is often impossible to assess whether an album is going to hit the mark from the choice of tracks on offer.  Sometimes the weakest track on an album is selected for the sampler or, heard out of context, the tracks don't do the albums justice.

No such problem with the first sampler from Unicorn Records.  The eight bands represented on  Progression In Balance Vol.1 (Addison Project, Spaced Out, Heon, Talisma, Martin Maheux Circle, Mystery, Xinema, Hamadryad) not only stand out individually as superb representations of the albums concerned, but the sampler sits comfortably as a wonderfully coherent album in its own right.

We have previously reviewed all but four of the albums represented on this 14 track prog sampler and were impressed by what we heard. The 'new to us' tracks on the sampler are equally impressive, particularly the three tracks by Hamadryad which are basically one seamless track in three parts.

As a sampler, Progression In Balance Vol.1 does its job well.  As a stand alone album, albeit a mix of tracks by eight different bands, it is brilliant.  How often does a sampler manage that?  Highly recommended.

Jem Jedrzejewski

Unicorn Records


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