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Umphrey's McGee - Anchor Drops

Umphrey's McGee - Anchor DropsFrom Chicago, Umphrey's McGee has produced an album which could be very mistaken for a various artists compilation. Sixty five minutes and fourteen tracks which are all very different in their own right, but each one is a nice journey down many roads.

Opening track Plunger changes so many times, it's sometimes hard to follow, but with all the chops and shifts, some bands could make about ten songs out of the movements. It's jazz type opening with the heavy guitar riff, reminds me of a certain Gentle Giant/Spock's Beard type mood, while you get the flamenco acoustic guitar midway way through. The whole album has touches of The Beatles influence too.

Third track JaJunk Pt 1 has a Rush type riff, along with a splash of The Police, but the jazz returns towards the end along with The Beatles. Walletsworth is the sixth track, and is the rockier side of this versatile band, the organ sounds give a nice balance to the whole thing, but the guitar is in the frontline, and a Joe Jackson type voice is heard too right at the end.

In The Kitchen is a favourite of mine, a nice jazz mood with a powerful riff in the chorus. It seems that Ryan Stasik is the vocalist, and he has like a They Might Be Giants type voice. Track nine Bullhead City is a Country and Western sort of sound, which doesn't really sound out of place, which is a surprise. Miss Tinkle's Overture is a jam session sort of track with excellent playing all round.

Robot World has a nice synth sound, with some fine percussion moments from Kris Myres and a nice guitar sound from Jake Cinninger, while the last track has nice acoustic guitar touches.

This is a interesting album, and as it's on the Inside Out label, it should get the recognition it deserves. A enjoyable release.

Danny Mayo

Umphrey's McGee/Inside Out



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