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U I Blue - Songbird's Cry

U I Blue - Songbird's CryU I Blue is the partnership of husband and wife, Jon Paul Davis and Laura Lindstrom. Frenchman Jon Paul has written all the lyrics, and the music apart from one track composed by Ben Davis and another which was a collaboration between Ben and Jon Paul.

I have listened to this album during Spring showers (which is seasonal rain and not some weird present-giving party) and with bright sunshine streaming through the windows and in both situations the music is befitting.  The light, as in delicate and gentle, folk-progressive melodies seem to reflect 'new birth' as befits the Spring season,  Note that I have used the term 'folk-progressive' and not 'progressive-folk'.  This isn't like the progressive folk/rock of Jethro Tull, Red Jasper, Fairport Convention and so on, but more in the realms of Sally Oldfield's Water Bearer or perhaps All About Eve.

The main focus of this collection of 15 love songs has to be the angelic, crystal-clear vocals of Laura, which isn't to say that Jon Paul's occasional backing vocals are anything but equally pleasing to the ear.

The impression is that the music is wholly acoustic as Jon Paul's acoustic guitar seems ever present, but this is not quite the case.  The album has the benefit of a number of guest musicians playing instruments such as bass, violin, viola, cello, clarinet and keyboards (yes, including Mellotron).  Throw in the production (arrangement and keyboard, ebow, guitar, percussion) talents of Messrs. Babb and Schendel of the legendary Glass Hammer, and the quality of the finished item is guaranteed.

And what does the 'U' and the 'I' stand for?  Well, 'Untitled In', but that's part of a longer story which I am sure the pair will divulge on their website in due course. Excellent.

Jem Jedrzejewski

U I Blue


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