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Turning Point - Matador

Turning Point - MatadorAmerican band Turning Point's latest album Matador is available now, and is to be exact, a pleasing journey along the jazz river with a few boats of other styles periodically making a appearance.

The four band members, keyboardist Steve Culp, drummer John Herrera, bassist Demitri Sahnas and guitarist Thano Sahnas, decided to add a new flavour to their sound by having saxophonist Dominic Amato on board to perform on the album as a featured player Dominic has a nice sound to his playing, and in places reminds me of Kenny G on the slower tunes.

On the whole, the eleven tracks all instrumental, vary in tempo and flavours, but songs like Spain and title track Matador are what you would expect to be in the flamenco style, with the sax and guitar adding the contents to these songs.

Some of the tracks are similar to jazz-fusion stars Spyro Gyra, and Chick Corea's Elektric Band, but all in all, the album flows along quite well with some good playing performances, and make the total time a modest sixty-one minutes.

This is a easy album to the ear, but for me the sax brings a nice welcomed input to the opus. I would certainly recommend it to the jazz lovers of this day and age, and someone who likes the soothing sax sound.

Danny Mayo

Turning Point

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