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Trettioåriga Kriget - Hej Pår Er!

Trettioåriga Kriget - Hej Pår Er!Hej Pår Er! was originally released by Swedish prog outfit Trettioåriga Kriget back in 1978 and was the band's third album.

2005 sees the re-mastered, re-packaged, re-release on CD of  Hej Pår Er!, which, like the re-releases of their first two albums, is beautifully presented in a high quality CD-size Digipack. Included in the pack is a glossy illustrated booklet containing a potted history of the band and this album in particular, lyrics, and photos of the band from the 70's.

Hej Pår Er! retains the Trettioåriga Kriget sound though this time, the Wishbone Ash feel is most prominent with Camel elements in the background with Moln På Marken and the great Dagspress being prime examples of the latter.  The riffs and melodies are memorable and pretty upbeat, reflecting the general mainstream music influences of the era (ignoring punk that is!).

The album closes with the instrumental, Andra Sidan, a personal favourite that could have been inadvertently omitted from Camel's Raindances of the same era.

Andra Sidan may have closed Hej Pår Er! but this re-release has a further four bonus tracks, three from the album Mot Alla Odds (1979) plus the single Rockgift.  The bonus tracks are not without merit (excellent riff on Rapport) yet the underlying beat is more towards the pop side of prog than that of the earlier and most recent albums.

Hej Pår Er! has lost little if anything in the passage of time and in this re-packaged form will grace any decent prog collection.

Jem Jedrzejewski

Trettioåriga Kriget


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