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TrettioŚriga Kriget - Elden av Śr

TrettioŚriga Kriget - Elden av ŚrSweden's TrettioŚriga Kriget (trans. Thirty Years War) return to 'the front' with their first new studio album in 23 years, Elden av Śr.  Released in 2004, as were the re-mastered CD versions of their debut and second album, KrigssŚng, the album is beautifully presented in a dual fold glossy CD size digi-pack with enclosed multi-fold 'booklet' or sheet with artwork on one side and lyrics, personnel and background to the album on the other.  As long as the splines retaining the CD remain intact, this form of packaging is a step forward from the standard jewel case and, hopefully, more bands/labels will follow suit.

Elden av Śr is a concept album of sorts, reflecting the ban's history over the years, the title translated meaning 'The Fire Of Years'.   The music was extrapolated from sketches of song and melodies back in early 1977 and, whilst the band have not 'lost' anything musically when compared to the first two albums, they have actually gained in maturity.  Just try and control the smile that will undoubtedly cause an aching jaw when you hear Ljuset.  The TrettioŚriga Kriget style incorporates a Camel and Genesis feel for the classic 3Ĺ minute intro, guitar led but with just the right amount of Mellotron to set the mood.  Vocals are in Swedish so non-speakers will not understand the words, but this is not so important.

The wonderful guitar licks on LŚng Historia and in other sections of the album veer into classic rock territory but apart from these few seconds, return with haste to good old prog.

Tracks 4 to 7 inclusive form the Elden av Śr suite which incorporates a touch of blues and jazziness amongst the prog.  The last of these tracks, Night-Flight -77 is an atmospheric instrumental, slow and reflective with more than a touch of Pink Floyd circa Animals and, perhaps, a little Sky; this particular track was actually recorded back in 1977..

The mood of Night-Flight -77 continues with the final track on the album, Gnistor, which again has overtones of Floyd - Gilmour-esque guitar and Rick Wright organ.  A great end to a great album.

Jem Jedrzejewski

TrettioŚriga Kriget



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