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Transatlantic Live at London Astoria 10th November 2001

This was one gig every Transatlantic fan had waited for.  Four of the best musicians around today guaranteed a great nights entertainment. Opening with Duel With The Devil, this was going to be special.  Next up, from the first album, came My New World with Roine Stolt taking the mike.  Mike Portnoy smiled and chatted to the crowd, and generally had a good time.  Following this, we had “a short (?) one” as Neal Morse said.  It was We All Need Some Light Now, and this got the crowd singing along to it. Now, I think most of us were thinking about what cover version this lot were going to do.  Well, the covers came in the next song, Charlotte Pike. It was a Beatles Abbey Road sing-a-long jam, where everyone sang along to classics like Carry That Weight and others too!  Closing the set was Stranger in Your Soul, which the band said it was their favourite Transatlantic song.  Pete Trewavas bass rocked in this one!

The band left the stage and came back for the 31-minute encore, All Of The Above. The whole place erupted when the opening bars were played.

It was a excellent night, and a great example of the talent around today. In the crowd, a certain Steve Hackett watched, and not to mention Richard Wright who was there too.  I wonder what they were thinking as the band performed? (Suggestions by email, if you must, to the usual address - Ed)

If you can catch the remainder of the tour, go and see them, it is a great performance of music.

Danny Mayo


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