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The Pocket Gods - Green Fairy Tales (Volume I)

The Pocket Gods - Green Fairy TalesBlame it on the Absinthe or the green jelly but Mark C Lee's Pocket Gods Green Fairy Tales (Volume I) is a 15 track album which is missing 12 of those on our copy!  This is a pity as those three tracks are rather good.

Track 1, Weekend Revulers, has a recognisable piano led melody which is along the lines of The Beatles Lady Madonna, harking back to the 60's but strangely modern.

Verlaine Corner has a hint of Syd Barrett on a good day, a touch of melancholy and visions of Carnaby Street trendies with naff make up and white plastic coats with hats and boots to match.  Maybe I'm showing my age but I was very young then, honest.

Green Fairy, presumably the Absinth variety and not that which is used for washing dishes (could be a mix of both as Mark is allegedly a master of the homemade Absinth), is a sort of Bob Dylan style ditty about being well and truly under the influence.

On the basis on these three tracks, Green Fairy Tales promises to be a cool album with quality songwriting and instrumentals.  Mark's vocals are the best I've heard by him to date so maybe the magic green nectar has some positive health aspects (discounting the risk of temporary blindness and insanity).  Well worth a listen or three.  Contact Mark via the The Pocket Gods website for details of how to get hold of a copy.

Jem Jedrzejewski

The Pocket Gods



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