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The Pocket Gods - Blood On The Snacks

The Pocket Gods - Blood On The SnacksMark Lee's The Pocket Gods are back with the humorously titled six track album, Blood On The Snacks.

Not to be confused with Dylan's Blood On The Tracks, Blood On The Snacks appears to draw influences from films of the horror genre particularly where the track titles are concerned. Shark (Jaws perhaps, but written for the late John Peel), the light-hearted I've Got A Vampire Voodoo Blow Up Doll (Curse Of The Doll People, maybe?), The Exorcist Blues and The Ninth Configuration (not strictly 'horror' horror, but directed by The Exorcist's William Peter Blatty) draw me to that conclusion anyway.

The Pocket Gods are Mark Lee, Dave Sharp and Rob Sharp, opt for a raw 'indie', post punk sound, often delving back into the past with a touch of late60's/early 70's rock tinged with blues and prog.

Whilst the band is generally guitar-led with accompanying bass and drums, the band seem to be using sitar (or a good sitar effect) on I Love The World.  Keyboards also have a role here and there and to great effect in the epic (18-minute) finale that is The Ninth Configuration which combines that early Floyd feel with early 70's non-mainstream prog rock that showcases the band's ingenuity and technical skills.  This great track, in my opinion, leaves the rest of the album standing, which isn't to say that the other tracks are by any means without merit.  As the track reaches the closing stages, Mark narrates a self-penned soliloquy  reminiscent of John Cooper Clarke.  Can we expect a book of verse by the man in the future?

Blood On The Snacks is worth getting for for the final track alone.

(The Pocket Gods website was unavailable at the time of writing but Mark and the Pocket Gods can be contacted at

Jem Jedrzejewski

The Pocket Gods


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