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The Musical Box, Rosengarten, Mannheim, 16th May 2004

Having not had the pleasure of seeing Genesis in the early seventies owing to be on this Earth ten years too late, this was a nice example of what it was like back then.  From watching films, videos and photographs, The Musical Box look and sound just like the real Genesis over thirty years ago.

Using the same instruments to re-create those classic sounds, TMB opened with Watcher Of The Skies.  Keyboard player David Myers hit the opening chord on the Mellotron, and shivers went down many spines in the large sell out crowd.

Frontman and lead singer Denis Gagne appeared with Bat-wings and luminous eyes, and we were away.  Denis then said Hallo in a high-pitched voice, spoke a little German then went into English.  The stories are same judging by records and films, and the band went straight into Dancing With The Moonlit Knight.

The stage show again is an exact replica from ‘73, and on certain shows the band does a black show where everyone wears black.

The Romeo and Juliet story appeared for Cinema Show, and the hat, straw in mouth and lawnmower mime followed in I Know What I Like.

The water story came clear leading into Firth Of Fifth, and after this song, the band got a standing ovation.  Moving on, The Musical Box was next, again with the croquet story.  Denis then appeared with the old-man mask in the closing section and collapsed on the floor at the end, all part of the show of course.

The Phil Collins of the band, drummer Martin Levac then took the mike, complete with the cheeky Cockney chatter, and sung More Fool Me.  This featured Sebastien Lamothe, who played a number of double-neck guitars and bass pedals thrown in for good measure.

The Battle Of Epping Forest was next, and set-closers Horizons and the highlight Supper’s Ready ended the show with a bang.  During Supper’s Ready, Denis wore the white all-in-one Angel suit with the pole of light for the New Jerusalem

Encore of course was The Knife, and the crowd again rose to their feet to applaud the band.

I must admit, I had mixed feelings after the show, like what it was like all those years ago, but after seeing the show I was glad so many people witnessed a fine performance, and judging by this, the legend lives on.

Danny Mayo


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