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The Lizards - Live At B.B.King - NYC (DVD)

The Lizards - Live At B.B.King - NYC (DVD)Fans of heavy rock specialists, The Lizards, will be in their element.  Following on from their recent album, Rule, the band has just released this DVD and a live CD, both recorded on their autumn tour in 2003 but at different venues.

The DVD was filmed in New York’s B.B. King’s at the end of September 2003 and features around 60 minutes of live footage interspersed with brief interviews with each member of the band.

The venue is intimate and the filming reflects this, making use of a maximum of a three-camera crew.  Naturally, this has its limitations in some respects but clever editing ensures that the viewer soon becomes involved in the music and performance.

Bobby Rondinelli pounds the skins treating the audience to the sort of drum solo that exudes his years of experience.  How Randy Pratt gets his mitts round the thick neck of his six-string bass, gawd only knows, but he does.

As Randy says, they are dinosaurs, and they’re proud of it.  And so they should be.

Technical Aspects

Sound is superb throughout.  Picture quality is very good and whilst the camera crew take a few moments to settle down, with one or two jolts and miss-zooms at the beginning, the overall photography has a quality feel.

Package features

The menu sections are very easy to navigate with options to play the entire feature or select individual songs.  We had to manually set our DVD to PCM instead of bitstream for sound output, as there is no DVD menu option for this (bear this in mind if you get a picture without sound).

The DVD is Region 0 NTSC and should be playable on all DVD players and televisions (bar TVs that are not NTSC compatible.  Check the handbook.  Pal DVD players should be set to ‘auto’). 


These guys know their stuff and it shows.  Whether you have had the pleasure of attending a Lizards gig or not, this DVD captures a performance for posterity and is a must for fans who enjoy visuals with their audio.

A sample clip can be seen by clicking on the link below.

Jem Jedrzejewski

The Lizards



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