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Timeline - Timeline

Timeline - TimelineUS prog six-piece, Timeline, have just released their debut album (end of February 2005).  Understanding that band have been influenced by the music of bands such as Kansas, Dream Theater and Marillion, I had considered letting Hairless Heart's Danny Mayo have the pleasure of reviewing the album, Danny having a penchant for the heavier/metal side of progressive rock.  But I didn't.  Sorry Danny.

Timeline's debut is a little treasure.  I don't deny that the music is on the heavy side of centre, but this has more to do with creating a BIG presence rather than destroying one's neurons.

The musical phrasing in the impressive opener, Mirror In The Sky, brings on memories of JethroTull's Broadsword album, balancing delicateness with power, the metaphorical V8 just on tickover.

Very prog indeed.  So I was momentarily taken aback when I heard the vocals of Eric Boles for the first time.  Eric has one of those classic hard rock voices which carry effortlessly and would fit right in with the likes of Black Sabbath or Uriah Heep, yet it seems just right for Timeline's music, with matching vocal harmonies from bassist Paul Alvarez and keys man Scott Evers.

The tracks are liberally dotted with hooks and riffs, the two guitarists hitting the mark in, for example, Vertigo, whilst Scott Evers on keyboards ensures that the prog flag is kept flying.

The band was formed out of the ashes of another project which had been around for about ten years and these guys know what they are doing - Paul has been playing bass for 35 years (with a break for meals?) so you can see that the individual members have a wealth of experience.

I have only had the opportunity to listen to this album about four or five times and yet to 'discover' my favourite track because, as I previously mentioned, there are hooks etc. in every track and, however short, are too good not to be in contention.  Easiest just to play the whole CD every time.  I must admit that the Genesisy odd time signature/complexity halfway through When I Look Into Your Eyes is trying to sway me.

Timeline are planning to release their second album at the back end of 2005.  Meanwhile, if you want some prog that literally rocks, the band's debut is currently available from CDBaby at an extremely favourable price (in US$).

Jem Jedrzejewski



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