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Timelock - Circle Of Deception

Timelock –- Circle Of DeceptionDutch band Timelock has produced a nice album with many moods and changes.  Bursting with sound effects on many tracks, this might be a problem when they perform it live, but for the moment, on CD it sounds just right. 10 tracks dictate the album, and the whole sound is hard to put into any category.  Of course it is neo progressive, but with a harder guitar attack.  On the quieter sounds, you can pick out the Hackett influence, but the harder sound compares to Robert Fripp, say on Red for example.

I feel this is a CD for a car more than home usage, with many twists idea for the open road.  I received this as a promo, but judging by the cover, the end product should be well presented with, I would say, a nice booklet.

The longest track clocks in at 12:14, and is called Everything Except The World, split into 5 parts and works very well, but the strongest track, which for me is the highlight of the CD, is Louise Brooks Revisited, with a nice scream at the start, perfect for your CD alarm clock!

There are many Dutch bands around, some you never hear of.  I have heard Timelock before, and they are gaining a lot of good press, which can only help them along their way.  This is a pleasant effort and should sell quite well. I feel it would appeal to fans of the more rocky side of progressive more than the soft sort of styles, but it is up to you.  I have enjoyed hearing this, and for more information, check out the links below.

Danny Mayo


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