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The Tsunami Projekt

The Tsunami ProjektAfter the terrible events on December 26th 2004, I think the whole world wanted to do something to help the families who lost their loved ones on that fateful day in history. So, the musicians in the 'prog' world all got together on this project, and also the ProgAID single which is not to be confused with this one (see review).

So, this is a band thing and not a 'Band Aid' thing where everyone got to do their own vocal/solo instrumental on just one song. Twenty eight bands/solo performances make up the double CD compilation (some people said it could turn up as a six CD box set!) and some names appear such as Neal Morse, Nick D'Virgilio, Rick Wakeman and on the band front IQ have produced a remix version of The Darkest Hour called Lost In Paradise which Mike Holmes has done a great job recreating.

I can't really pick highlights because, as it is for a good cause, my opinions will differ from the next man's so to speak, but all I'm saying is when you hear the two discs, it brings home how severe the devastation was. The two and a half hours of music all have feeling and fill your head with the thoughts of the people who lost their lives, and the families who have to live without them.

There are great performances all round, and credit must go to all the 28 pieces performed here, and as before it is a very worthy cause and an essential purchase for anyone who reads this. More details are to be found on website below about all the songs and artists, enjoy.

Danny Mayo

The Tsunami Projekt


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