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The Tea Party - Seven Circles

The Tea Party - Seven CirclesThe Tea Party consisting of Jeff Martin as lead vocals/lead guitar, Stuart Chatwood on bass and keyboards and Jeff Burrows on drums are back with Seven Circles after a break of four years. This new release from the Ontario trio is a nice collection of songs with varied styles, but on the whole, very rock based with impressive song writing.

Eleven tracks nudge just over forty five minutes, and from the opening track first impressions of The Foo Fighters spring to mind. Writing On The Wall is that very track, and features strong guitar riffs and powerful vocals.

For me, the second song Stargazer is the album's highlight, an up tempo rocker, with reminds me of Bowie's Heroes, crossed with a splash of The Foo Fighters again. It has a good balance of clever verses and a memorable chorus, and the production of this track is second to none. It would make a good single also, with it's easy listening style, and a good driving song.

Oceans features a nice Bowie style type vocal and contains a pleasant string sound also. It's the type of song that is on the ballad side, but it flows well into Luxuria which has a nice female backing vocal, before a Zeppelin style riff hits the speakers. Again a good chorus which has a certain Masters Of Reality feel to it.

After the Zeppelin up tempo style of the following track Overload, the production on Coming Back Again is excellent, so a lot of thought and care has gone into this product. The strings on the dreamy The Watcher stand out also, but the Bowie/Foo Fighters feel returns to the following track Empty Glass. Wishing You Would Stay has the female backing vocals on this ballad type song, and flows well also along with the chorus.

The title track Seven Circles is the final song and also the longest at a shade over five minutes. It rises and falls and is a well constructed and produced song with a lot going on inside it, such as strings and keyboards. An ideal album closing track!

This is a good album for the car, and well crafted. I can recommended it to any rock fan!

Danny Mayo

The Tea Party



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