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The Pocket Gods - Green Fairy Tales Volume 2

The Pocket Gods - Green Fairy Tales Volume 2Hot on the heels of The Pocket Gods' Green Fairy Tales Volume I comes Volume 2 with more Absinthe induced (allegedly) psychedelic ditties. The inimitable Mark Lee and the other 'Gods', Ani Moeke, Nigel Parrington, Bert D'hooge and Nick Moeke, are in their element.

There is a touch of Canterbury about this collection of songs. Ani's vocal style sometimes wends back to Gong's Camembert Electrique days and Gilli Smyth (a.k.a. Shakti Yoni).

Other elements of these compositions are reminiscent of Todd Dillingham (Wilde Canterbury Dream).

Nigel Parrington's terrific Wormwood Blues is included in the twelve dreamy tracks having first appeared on his Wino album.

The hypnotic groove of the largely instrumental epic All Roads Lead To Sorrow is pure psychedelic heaven and Kind A Mood has an almost 60's Traffic feel about it.

But possibly the best track of all is the Lee/Parrington/D'hooge penned instrumental, For Poets And Fools, which is full of beauty and emotion.

To avail yourself of a copy of this and other Pocket Gods' albums, contact Mark at the address below.

Jem Jedrzejewski

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