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The Pineapple Thief - 10 Stories Down

The Pineapple Thief - 10 Stories DownThe Pineapple Thief returns with 10 Stories Down, which is basically 12 Stories Down (see review) but with some tracks taken out and some added. The package is a lot more well polished and produced it has to be said compared with 12 Stories, but the whole Stories collection is well put together and a great example of modern music today.

Most of the ten tracks appear on 12 Stories and are remixed which leads to a clearer reproduction through the speakers. The songs are the same, but the bones are picked out to leave the flesh sounds intact.

It is unclear why The Pineapple Thief aren't a huge chart band, where as bands such as Coldplay, Athlete and Radiohead play similar style of music to them, but we can all dream, but, one day perhaps!

On to 10 Stories, well 10 tracks nudge just over the hour mark, and the highlight for me is the final track Light Up Your Eyes which is split into two parts, I and Who. A nice Mellotron sound is heard on the latter which rises and brings the whole thing to a close. They appeared in some shape and form on 12 Stories on the bonus disc, but as before they are very clean now on this version.

This is a pleasant album, it flows nice and has some great songs on it. The future looks good for Bruce Soord and co.

Danny Mayo

The Pineapple Thief


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