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The Gak Omek - Return Of The All Powerful Light Beings

The Gak Omek - Return Of The All Powerful Light BeingsRobert Burger has been busy.  Less than twelve months since his The Gak Omek debut release, Alien Eye, sees his follow-up, Return Of The All Powerful Light Beings in 2004.

For this release, Robert is accompanied by Dave Cashin on keyboards and Glen Robitaille on drums.  For the trivia merchants, Robert and Dave were in a band called The Carpetbaggers whilst students.

What struck me before I lifted the disc from the jewel case was the tremendous cover artwork (the reproduction on the left does not do it justice).  Whilst a poster of the artwork may not be desirable, my student days being long gone, a full size framed print wouldn't go amiss.

Described as an instrumental progressive rock interpretation of ancient and modern mysteries, Return Of The All Powerful Light Beings is on a different plane to Alien Eye.  The incorporation of keyboards and real drums in addition to Roberts guitar synthesiser and digital drums provides added strength to the well though out compositions and their complex sounding arrangements.

From the heavier side of prog of the title track to the gentler, almost Anthony Philips style, Apparitions Of Departed Human Personalities, the music slips from a classical, majestic feel to something altogether more prog-funky (think I invented a new term there!).  There may be moments of space rock and fusion but the sum total of these are a few minutes at the most.

One of the highlights of the album is Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control which sounds very much as though a Chapman Stick is being tapped to trigger the sounds but as there is no mention of a Chapman Stick, Robert must be 'slapping' his guitar strings to achieve this effect.

The album closes with the majesty and slight menace that is Departure Of The All Powerful Light Beings.  It is a 'blink and it's gone' short track of just under the three minute mark that hints towards a reprise of the grand opening title track but adopts an Enid style approach.

The Gak Omek website (link below) may be short on background information but it does provide samples of tracks from this and the first album and ordering details.  Recommended.

Jem Jedrzejewski

The Gak Omek


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