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The Gak Omek - Alien Eye

The Gak Omek - Alien EyeThe Gak Omek is the name of the project by New Jersey musician, Robert Burger.  Alien Eye, which is The Gak Omek's debut album, was released late on in 2003 on Robert's BlueCube Music label.

Alien Eye is an entirely instrumental album in a progressive rock-fusion vein with a hint of space rock to boot.  According to the CD sleeve, Robert (guitar, guitar-synth) is joined by six other musicians.  But as these 'people' have names such as Dick Digital, Tiny Shanks, and Zbodner Mnoptopic, I think we can safely assume with a bit of a giggle that Robert is the only real person here apart from Dave Cashin who is credited with keyboards on Robotomy.

The compositions are pretty unique and involving.  Although there are eight individual tracks with imaginative names, I see this as one piece of music with eight transitions.  Clearly, the album is guitar based but the use of Midi (I presume) and programmed percussion gives it a rich texture.

At times I am reminded of Steve Hillage and to a lesser degree, Satriani in terms of style.  Robert builds an effect by intricately 'running' up and down the frets in a mesmeric way whilst the equally addictive percussive elements provide a complex beat.  Sometimes this doesn't work too well in the sense that the listener becomes too aware of the fact that generated, as against real, percussion is being used but for the majority of the time it works remarkably well.

If it catches you in the right frame of mind, Alien Eye is extremely addictive.  Well worth a listen.

Jem Jedrzejewski

The Gak Omek


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