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Tenebrious - Culmination Of An Era

Tenebrious - Culmination Of An EraColorado based Tenbrious have recently released their debut album, Culmination Of An Era.  Tenebrious, formed in 2002, consists of five talented and experienced musicians; Missy Dakin (vocals), Dax Parr (keyboards, vocals), Darek Daubert (guitars), Rhonda Mollette (bass) and Mike Robinson (percussion).

The music can be described as melodic progressive metal, a description that sets the scene but doesn’t entirely reflect this innovative band’s unique sound.

The name ‘Tenebrious’ may suggest ‘dark and gloomy’ which in turn could suggest a gothic element which is apt as, unusually for a metal band, in place of more traditional raucous wailing vocals is the altogether more angelic, almost folk style, voice of Missy Dakin.  Her evocative vocals provide a superb contrast to the power of the instrumentals, which, for those with imaginative skills, result in an overall effect of, say, a metal version of All About Eve.

The music arrangements follow the progressive path with their many time and melody changes within songs often darting from standard metal to something more complex and delicate, occasionally touching on the classical.

Whilst aspects of the music could be compared to that of some other well established prog metal outfits, such comparisons would not be relevant as I feel that Tenebrious has its own distinctive style.  Culmination Of An Era opens yet another door in the prog metal genre, a door that I am glad to have ventured through.

Tenebrious are extremely active in the live arena (see their website for forthcoming dates and venues), performing over fifty dates each year.  Their professional approach in all aspects cannot fail to bring them success worldwide before long.

Jem Jedrzejewski



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