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The Black Noodle Project - And Life Goes On

The Black Noodle Project - And Life Goes OnConceived in 2001 by Jérémie Grima as a solo affair, The Black Noodle Project released a debut album in 2003 called Dark Smiles.  When work started on the next album, Jérémie asked a few musician friends to record with him resulting in The Black Noodle Project becoming  a band, and the release of And Life Goes On in January 2005.

The mood of the album is one of that quiet despair so well portrayed by the masters of the emotion, Pink Floyd.  Jérémie's acoustic guitar and vocals on Time Has Passed has that Floydian touch and the gentle yet powerful arrangements in general over the album both energise and relax the listener in equal proportions.

Although there is the feel of Floyd in the compositions, there is at the same time a very modern prog and sometime prog-metal atmosphere, the prog-metal aspect sounding something along the lines of ELO when the cello of guest musician Katrin' Waldteufel comes into play.

One of the great tracks on the album is Drops In The Ocean.  Though it lasts only just over six minutes, it is a minor epic with the drip drip of piano, moody vocals and terrific guitar breaks.  The slightly spooky start to Interlude with a baby crying, soothed by the sound of a 'musical box' leading to a gentle 'Camel' moment of gentle piano and electric guitar.

One or two of the tracks, pleasant though they are, such as Where Are U? seem a little out of context with the others, being more 'commercially oriented' particularly when followed by, in this example, Somewhere Between Here And There, which is another moody Floyd-like mini-epic, which in turn is followed by the terrific Lost (I Miss You).  The high standard is maintained right to the finish with Disappeared and the piece de resistance, She Prefers Her Dreams, at the end of which begs you, literally, to press 'play' again.

And this is one of those albums which improves every time it is played.  Recommended.

Jem Jedrzejewski

The Black Noodle Project



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