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Sula Bassana - Dreamer

Sula Bassana - DreamerFrom Germany, Sula Bassana is the brainchild of bass player from another German act, Zone Six, Dave Schmidt. The psychedelic scene looks quite healthy at the minute, with many bands and festivals appearing from all areas. Dreamer is the name of the album, and it is a good example of the modern sounds around today.

Opening track of this six song forty five minute opus is title track Dreamer, and has the classic tones from the sixties. The organ sound kicks in at the start and is not dissimilar to things like See Emily Play by Pink Floyd, and there is a cover version of that very same band on the final track Baby Blue Shuffle In D Major. The vocals are what you would expect very space like and part of the mix of guitar, bass, keys and drums.

Dealer McDope is the second track and is more in the classic seventies style, with the distorted guitar starting the whole thing off and carrying the same riff throughout most of the near five minutes. Shades of Steve Hillage spring to mind, such as Fish Rising, in that guitar sound along with the pounding bass and vocals too.

My Blue Guitar is a slow moving instrumental and reminds me of early seventies Floyd with the guitar solo throughout combined with the Hammond, but Nevenlahmung is a fine example of electronic sounds with the space feel, similar to On The Run from Dark Side Of The Moon.

Ananda has the tribal drum sound accompanied by the single chords from the piano taking control of the whole track, along with the squeak sounds from a synth. This has in my opinion that early Porcupine Tree sound and has a nice feeling. Ending the album is the Floyd cover Baby Blue, complete with the violin sound through the Mellotron. The bass is in the forefront with the riff just flowing away.

The whole album is a pleasurable experience with many sounds and styles under the psychedelic umbrella, and I feel would appeal to fans of Hillage and early Floyd.

Danny Mayo

Sula Bassana


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