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Stream Of Passion - Embrace The Storm

Stream Of Passion - Embrace The StormThis new band project from Dutch guitarist Arjen Lucassen features an international line-up and is a shade on the gothic side. Arjen has brought vocalist Marcela Bovio from his previous Ayreon album and with four other musicians has produced a interesting album to say the least.

Making up the band are guitarist Lori Linstruth, Alejandro Millan on piano, fellow Dutchmen Davy Mickers on drums and bass player Johan Van Stratum, and between them create a fine combination of musicianship. With Arjen's impressive back catalogue, this new project is certainly worth checking out.

Twelve tracks totalling nearly fifty-four minutes make up the album, and are well crafted and well produced also. The interesting fact is that singer Marcela entered a competition to sing on Arjen's rock opera projects, and now here she is on this offering. Her voice is quite daunting in places, and flows very well with the music, and is very clear in every respect and movement. Marcela also performs violin on this album too, and with the various twists and turns, the violin makes a nice addition to the fold. On the whole, the heavy guitar riffs complement Marcela's vocals, and with the soaring solo's and the sound of the piano make a interesting combination, and give it a dramatic feel in many places.

As mentioned before, this is a touch on the gothic side, similar to Evanescence and in places All About Eve, and all the tracks flow very well. There are some ballads and some rock moments, but for me Open Your Eyes is the albums highlight. Marcela's vocals are just excellent on this track, very much in the style of Julianne Regan in comparison, and in the haunting kind of vein too.

This is a good album by today's standards, and would appeal to fans of female vocals alike. Yet another remarkable album from Arjen Lucassen.

Danny Mayo

Stream Of Passion


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