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Steelwind - The KH Project

Steelwind - The KH ProjectUS Christian band, Steelwind, formed in 1999 and released two albums, Heaven's Calling in 2000 and Jawhook in 2002.  The band decided to have a break after Jawbrook but guitarist Kevin Humphrey had other plans culminating in this solo project which is released under the Steelwind banner.

The KH Project is a true solo affair - all compositions are written and performed by Kevin though live performances feature the whole band.

From the less than usual start, no intro - straight into the verse, there is a distinct mid 70's to mid 80's stadium band sound which initially brought to mind the likes of Toto but could also easily be compared to Boston, Journey and perhaps Chicago.

Vocals are high-pitched but very clear and ultra smooth (thus the Toto and Chicago comparisons) and the melodies strongly AOR and likeable.  But that isn't to say that The KH Project is bereft of proggier moments albeit with a small 'p' in a post-Hackett Genesis sort of way (Spread Your Wings is a good example of this).

Some of Kevin's guitar licks display an element of the Satriani's (For His Name's Sake and Living For The Future) and the laid-back blues of Tears Fall From Heaven smacks of Garry Moore.

As with the other bands mentioned above, the music and performance is highly polished and devoid of faults.  The lengthy lyrics transcribed in the CD cover may seem a tad foreboding but don't come across as excessive in the execution.

The KH Project is a very listenable album and should go down a treat with guitar fans.

Jem Jedrzejewski




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