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SPHERE3 - Paralysis

They went down a storm at Whitchurch 2001 by all accounts.  Yet to release an album, they have released a number of EP CDs the latest of which is Paralysis. Eagar to hear what all the fuss was about, I duly ordered the CD from Sphere3 (Sphere Cubed if you’re wondering) and some ten days later (!) they rushed the thing to me. Still, I’ve got it now, so what do I think of it?

Let me start by painting an overall picture.  Marvellous.  Superb.  Tremendous.  Somehow they have managed to pack most of the things I like in prog in the space of the first two tracks. Tight performance, powerful, yet not overdone, chords full of exuberance and emotion, a theme which remains firmly implanted in the mind using instruments and styles not dissimilar to those of certain well known artistes, not to mention rib cage pounding bass.

The first track, Paralysis, starts with a tinkling for a couple of seconds leading straight into power chords creating an air of foreboding.  Keyboards (Neil Durant) sound as though they have been borrowed off that nice Mr Orford of IQ and Mr Wakeman (Six Wives era).  Fast, flowing and surprisingly upbeat.

Second track, Shrimp.sng (no idea what the .sng is about), is a delightful Camel-esque composition of the Moonmadness era, emotion and jazzy – an absolute corker. Like Paralysis, the track is far too short.  Keyboards at times on this track have the sound of both Camel and early Genesis and guitar (Steve Anderson) could be Andy Latimer himself.

The first two tracks are instrumentals, but the third, Lights Going Down, incorporates vocals like, and don’t be put off by this if you’re not a fan, early Greg Lake (think ELP The Dove).  Very much a mix of Genesis meets IQ, the result is quite interesting.

The first two tracks will be on a forthcoming album Comeuppance to be released by Sphere3 on the Cyclops label later this year if all goes to plan.  Meanwhile, check out the sound samples on the Sphere3 website or better still order this EP while it is still available.

A final note, on the back of the inner sleeve, we are informed that ‘Sphere3 and the Launchable Spaniel Trading Company are subsidiaries of the Canine Propulsion Laboratory Group.  Not paid up members of the A.L.F then!

Jem Jedrzejewski


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