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SpektrumSpektrum (which is Swedish for spectrum Ė and in this instance, nothing whatsoever to do with Captain Scarlet) is a new prog band consisting of members from Galleon, Cross and Grand Stand plus a female vocalist.

This self-titled debut album opens with a short intro, which is the title track and is a grandiose start to get the taste buds watering.  Land of Longing has a distinct Tony Banks feel circa A Curious Feeling and even Trick of A Tail to Duke era Genesis big sound.  Lizette von Panajottís vocals are refreshing and well suited to the music and the backing vocals courtesy of the rest of the band.  The Genesis feel gets even stronger halfway through Now with percussion, keys, guitar and bass not to mention bass pedals adding to the impression.

Perhaps this would be a good time to mention lyrics.  The lyrics seem to be of the Jon Anderson variety insomuch as they flow nicely with the melody but lack a certain depth of meaning.  But it all sounds good and that is the important thing.

Onto track 4.  Perpetuum Mobile is a cracking instrumental that slowly builds up power and intensity allowing Hansi Crossís guitar to come to the fore.  A nice touch is the tinkle of what I imagine are Olov Andersonís Turkish Mini bells that closes the track.  Equally hot is The Quest where the Genesis/Banks phrasing becomes even stronger, and it includes the riff from IT (Lamb Lies Down On Broadway).  Ivory Tower reminds me of Mostly Autumn and vaguely of Jethro Tull in the phrasing and a touch of soft Floyd keys at the halfway point Ė full of atmosphere and promise.  Chemical Release, an upbeat Tracy Hitchings style song, closes the album and leaves the listener on a high (to tell the truth, you will just want to play the CD all over again).

Quality of recording and musicianship is high as are the compositions.  Genesis fans will feel at home with the familiarity of the instrumentation though I must emphasise that Spektrum is not a Genesis clone.  The band has all the quality of that Swedish favourite, The Flower Kings, and has entered the prog world running.  Letís hope they can maintain the quality and donít spoil the effect by unnecessary hype.  The music speaks for itself.  Recommended.

Jem Jedrzejewski


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