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StereoKimono - Prismosfera

StereoKimono - PrismosferaItalian trio, StereoKimono, got off to a tremendous start with their first album, Ki, back in 2000.  Like Ki. the follow up, Prismosfera, released in 2003, is very progressive yet also touches on jazz.

This instrumental album opens with a strange mix of sounds from the outer space to the urban fantasy of Genesis' The Lamb with a strong nod towards Pink Floyd.  A couple of minutes later, Onda Beta really gets going in a style that is a cross between King Crimson and Gentle Giant with the emphasis on the former.  A short jazzy interlude done to perfection and even shorter return to the main theme is followed by a brilliant Floydian style coast to the end of this just-short-of-nine-minutes track.

Piece de resistance, Rosso Di Luna, is very much in the vein of Camel like a modern version of something that would fit well on their Moonmadness album. A stunning track worthy of the price of the album alone.

Inventiveness is sometimes confused with experimental; StereoKimono cleverly plan their music which is loaded with melodies and nuances of sounds which delight the old grey matter.  Whereas a King Crimson approach in the extreme would not appeal to everyone, SK counter this by incorporating textures and maintaining melodies which should appeal to all serious prog fans.  In fact, the melodies often follow a Camel style and the combination is exhilarating.

If you let the final track play on beyond the listed 7mins 20secs, you will hear a cornucopia of sounds from prog albums of the 70's (too many to list but include a few from YES, ELP, Gentle Giant, Camel and so on).  Maybe we should run a competition to see who can name all the tracks, albums and artistes.


Jem Jedrzejewski



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