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Steve Hackett Live at Rock City, Nottingham UK, 16th March 2004

Making a appearance at one of the best venues around, Steve Hackett and his band of merry men (ahem!) performed a nice two hour set of old and new solo material, and of course the classic Genesis songs we all know and love.

Eight o’clock arrived, and the band hit the stage with opening number Serpentine Song from the latest album To Watch The Storms.  From the same album, Mechanical Bride complete with strobe lights was next.

The early classics such as Please Don’t Touch, Everyday, Clocks and Spectral Mornings just eased out of the P.A, but a welcomed return for the opening track Ace Of Wands from Steve’s first album Voyage of The Acolyte got a massive cheer from the near capacity Nottingham audience.  Roger King on keyboards gave this a nice feel, and his playing on all the other songs was a delight throughout.

The other members of Steve’s band, Terry Gregory on bass, Rob Townsend on sax and all things woodwind just smiled and joked while the set just eased itself along. Gary O’Toole played the drums, and he is mentioned last because of a fine performance on vocals on Blood On The Rooftops. This got the biggest cheer of the night, and everyone had a big smile from cheek to cheek at the end of it.

The other Genesis moments were Broadway Melody Of 1974, Firth Of Fifth, Dancing With The Moonlit Knight and Los Endos, which was one of the encores.  Steve complete with baby powder, sat on a stool with acoustic guitar, strummed away with such ditties as Horizons and other classical tunes, and it’s amazing how one man and a guitar can grab everyone’s attention with a 32 year old tune!

With other songs such as Brand New, cemented the fact that Steve Hackett is still around, playing to nice sized crowds, and taking his music to new heights. This was a very enjoyable evening all around, and I hope I see many more from the great man himself!

Danny Mayo


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