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Shinri - Judgenot!

Shinri - Judgenot!From London, female singer Shinri was a guest with The Clayton Di group back in April at Rotherham (see review), and on the songs which she sang on, made a lot of impact with her strong voice.

Judgenot! is the second disc of a series of six and is basically called theproblemwithbeingme, and is generally a nice mixture of sounds and styles. Shinri has a kind of 'Rap' style voice, and most of the eleven tracks are spoken in that kind of voice. There is a nice mix of Reggae which feels like you are out and about in Jamaica, and the trumpet and other horns give a pleasant feel to the whole album.

The eleven tracks total a shade over fifty two minutes, but there are only ten listed on the sleeve, are well produced, as before, the style changes from the opening track Holding On which could have been a Eminem song with it's Rap style. The next track is Ghosttown which is based on the old Specials hit and is a nice mix of Rap and Reggae filled with sound effects such as a police siren. Inspector Gadget contains sound effects too, and is based on a tune which the name of it escapes me at the moment.

Telegrubbies is just a conversation which sounds like it was recorded at the studio and is a just a chat about various things, and the title of the very same track.

So on the whole it is a well produced album, a little different to what I normally listen to, but nevertheless, I enjoyed it.

Danny Mayo



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