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Shadow Gallery - Room V

Shadow Gallery - Room VThe fifth album from American six piece Shadow Gallery titled Room V is a mighty step forward from their previous outings. The songs are well constructed and a fine example of modern progressive metal today.

Shadow Gallery tend to be on the Def Leppard side of things in taking their time in making albums, but the end product is well worth the wait. Nearly seventy-six minutes and two parts split into seven tracks each making a total of fourteen tracks in all, and a fine mixture of powerful guitar solos with streaming keyboards, and the softer ballad style of attack make this offering a pleasurable listen.

From the opening blast of Manhunt, the guest female vocals from Laura Jaeger appear on the second track Comfort Me, and the mention of Christmas Day in the lyrics give it a nice gentle moody feeling.

Track four Vow has a nice acoustic and strings opening, and with the vocal harmonies make this a high point on the album. You could picture a film like a boy meets girl sort of feeling, but it is a stadium sort of sound too. The guitar playing on this is worth a mention too, and they are performed by Brendt Allman and Gary Wehrkamp, and very YES sounding towards the end of it.

Jumping forward to the eighth track Seven Years, this is a fine musical instrumental and it demonstrates how versatile the band is. Track ten, Torn is a ballad style track, and the vocals from Mike Baker make the whole thing rise through the instrumental sea.

The next track The Archer Of Ben Salem is for me the albums highlight. It has a Iron Maiden sort of opening, and again the guitars are on the heavy riff side of things. Mike's voice again shines through the mix, and combined with the double bass drum thud, make this a classic sort of feel.

The last three tracks are all in the classic rock vein, with the title track Room V standing just ahead of Encrypted and Rain. Rain has the slow rock plod type sound, with the trademark guitar solo.

So the fifth album in thirteen years is an important one, full of melodies and solos, and it should gain new fans as well keeping mum with the older fans.

Danny Mayo

Shadow Gallery



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