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Sear - Until The Dust Lies (EP)

Sear - Until The Dust Lies (EP)Sear is a West Yorkshire band featuring Michelle Richfield (vocals, bass, cello, strings, Hammond, programming), Danny North (bass, programming) and Tom Allen (guitars).  Michelle and Danny have collaborated on other projects prior to forming Sear and the addition of Tom to the line up added a fullness of sound that had previously been lacking.

This EP (which is available to purchase – see link to Sear website at foot of page) consists of four tracks.

Beads, featuring Matt Sladen guesting on Fender Rhodes sets the scene for this EP, with its rhythmic slightly irregular percussion (programmed), delicate instrumentals and emotive vocals and guitar.  Michelle’s voice is a cross between All About Eve’s Julianne Regan, and Donna Greene.

Title track, Until The Dust Lies, has a heavier edge, chilled when the electric guitar suddenly breaks off and is replaced by delicate acoustic.

A Better Place has an amazing combination of bass and guitar giving the effect of Chapman Stick which just reverberates through the speakers, assuming you a) have the right speakers and b) are generous with the volume.

Headlights is given an eerie touch with the addition of cello and the string arrangement plus the restrained use of the trusty Hammond at the beginning of the track.  Vocal style occasionally touches on that of Garbage’s Shirley Manson especially towards the end.

Sear is a class act in all respects.  We understand that they intend to set about doing a few gigs once they have pulled together a full band, which should be interesting.  Most bands start off doing the pub venue circuit but Sear already sounds bigger than that, more suited to theatres and festivals such as Whitchurch, Cropredy and Glastonbury.  Recommended.

Jem Jedrzejewski



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