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Spock’s Beard - Feel Euphoria

Spock’s Beard –- Feel EuphoriaThe first Spock's Beard effort since Neal Morse's departure from the band is no disappointment. Takes you back to when Gabriel left Genesis, and now we have the new era of a great band.

The seventh studio album still contains the SB magic, but now with a little harder edge in the regions of Deep Purple for instance.  There is a touch of The Beatles in there too, as well as a little splash of Yes.

With the special edition of this CD comes a bonus sampler disc of Inside Out bands, and is ideal for playing in the car, as there are many styles on it to accommodate passengers’ different tastes.

To SB now, the near 75-minute product has 15 tracks, but A Guy Named Sid is split into six parts/tracks, and is the album’s ‘stand out’ track. On a similar basis as The Great Nothing from the classic 'V' album, Sid rises and falls, and ends with a typical epic SB melody.

The Deep Purple sound hits the room on the first track, Onomatopoeia, with great keyboard sounds from Ryo Okumoto, but he shines well on the title track, as well as the final bonus track From The Messenger.  Dave Meros bass playing is first class, growling away in the mix, Alan Morse on guitar still has the Beard sound, but as I mentioned earlier, a little harder more attack in the playing.  The Phil Collins of the Beard, Nick D'Virgillo has a great voice, and we had a sample of this from the last album 'Snow'.  He sounds a little like Neal Morse on the quieter sections, but Nick shows us his true colours on the rest of the album, and of course his drum work is one of the best on the rock circle today.

It will of course be interesting to see SB live again, and how it will work with four on stage. They are on tour later on in the year in Europe, so we will have to wait and see.

Feel Euphoria is a great album, with appeal for prog and rock fans alike.  Spock's Beard is by no means gone; the band has returned with an album to stake a claim to say they are still around, and the claim is loud and proud.  Spock's Beard still rock!

(A medley MP3 sampler from the album is available for download via a link on the Spock’s Beard website.)

Danny Mayo

Spock’s Beard


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