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Rick Wakeman The Legend Live In Concert 2000 DVD (and bonus CD)

Rick Wakeman The Legend Live In Concert 2000 DVD (and bonus CD)This DVD (and CD) was recorded during Rick Wakeman’s 2000 UK tour and features Rick, minus band, in ‘An Evening With…’ mode.

Opening the set with Pacobel – Canon in D on piano, this could be a classical concert.  I was invited (with Chris White, who has designed some CD and video covers for the Wakemans) a couple of years ago to such a concert at a small arts type theatre in Wakefield and I admit to having some misgivings when I realised that it was to be a solo gig.  These misgivings seemed justified when Rick began what sounded like the start of a sermon (I hate being preached to) but the moment I started to wince, Rick unexpectedly delivered a humorous punch line changing the whole aspect of what he was saying.  This recorded concert is more of the same with anecdotes flying between numbers, which even if you’ve heard some of them before, will still cause uncontrollable laughter.  Pertinent to the rock reviewer is the anecdote about the review of the gig that went awfully wrong, where the review next day was mistakenly full of praise for Rick’s ingenuity.  I won’t spoil your enjoyment by going into detail; needless to say it made me laugh.  Tracks played (to perfection, I may add) include Jayne Seymour, And You And I/Wondrous Stories from his YES era, The Beatles Help and Eleanor Rigby in the style of classical composers and even Clair de Lune.  The concert section lasts for 92 minutes.

The DVD also contains some audio tracks recorded in the studio including Morning Has Broken from his collaborations with Cat Stevens, the wonderful Sea Horses and a funky version of Merlin, bringing the total DVD playing time to 120 minutes.

Technical Aspects

Sound and picture quality are excellent.  The DVD features (animated menu, bio and photo gallery) are refreshingly inventive in their construction.

Package Features (Inc. CD Details)

The CD contains all of the concert tracks though obviously not the additional tracks (apart from Merlin) due to limitations of space.  Sound quality is again A1.

The DVD has an animated menu (with sound effects) giving access to individual tracks, the additional tracks, a photo gallery slide show with musical accompaniment and a selectable year-by-year biography.  The track listings for both the CD and DVD are detailed on the inside of the DVD tray.

The DVD is multi region PAL, Dolby© Digital 5.1, total running time 120 minutes. 

Cat No:  DVD1001X.


This DVD offers the chance to see Rick in his element as raconteur and musician in his legendary one-man show.  The quality of the recording, the selectable (year by year) biography feature and CD of the concert make this a bargain package.  One that your parents would also enjoy, whatever their taste in music.

Jem Jedrzejewski

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