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Riverside - (Demo)

Riverside - (Demo)Riverside hails from Poland and hopes to release their debut album very soon.  Mariusz Duda  (bass), Piotr Gradzinski (guitar), Piotr Kozieradzki (drums) and Jacek Melnicki (keys) are all experienced musicians playing with various bands from the world of metal mainly, but apart from subtle influences, they have left that behind for Riverside.

This five-track demo is more of a mini album, running for 35 minutes.  The individual members of the band have varied tastes in music from prog to metal and beyond, but two bands appear to find them with common ground, namely Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree (Marillion is also mentioned more than once, but as more of a catalyst for forming the band).

Porcupine Tree and Floyd influences are obvious from track one, The Same River.  I can also detect some Mike Oldfield style passages and a host of modern prog and rock influences, all of which lend an air of familiarity for something that is definitely new.

The ‘metal’ aspect is not entirely missing as can be heard on Reality Dream, with a sense of power and urgency akin to prog metal, but Riverside are not prog metal in my opinion.  The music is very melodic and emotional with dark elements that can be scary if the listener is in the right (or wrong?) mood.  Vocals are in English and to be honest you would be pushed not to think you were listening to an English band.

All the tracks on this demo are instantly likeable and will be unlikely to sound dated at any time in the future so I suppose I could call them timeless.  From the warm rolling bass and vocals to the cutting edge of the guitar, Riverside has developed something quite special.

The band is determined to release a full album entitled, Out Of Myself, later this year and is in discussions with a couple of labels I understand.  The tracks on the demo should appear on the debut album, which in my mind already classifies it as an essential purchase.

MP3 samples of three of the tracks can be found on the Riverside website (link below).  Enjoy!

Jem Jedrzejewski



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