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Richard Sinclair Band, London Borderline, 17th April 2004

Advertised Line-up: Richard Sinclair, Theo Travis, Phil Miller, Alex Maguire, with Guests: Jonathan Coe, Andy Ward, Dave Sinclair, Mark Hewins.

Our good friend, Heather Sinclair, was kind enough to provide us with a rundown of the evening’s event at The Borderline which The Hairless Heart Herald team had, unfortunately, been unable to attend (judging from the feedback we have seen from some of the attendees, the evening was something to treasure).  It would be unfair to ask Heather to actually ‘review’ the gig so the following is more of a ‘diary note’ of the proceedings.  Our thanks to Heather and Richard Sinclair for keeping us informed.

Also advertised by the Mean Fiddler as ‘Richard Sinclair and Friends’ “

…so who are the Friends?”

Actually there was on stage with Richard, Theo Travis (sax & flute), Phil Miller (guitar), Alex Maguire (keys), Mark Hewins (guitar) and a splendid double drummer team, Andy Ward and Roy Dodds, making an exciting presence, centre stage.

Unfortunately Dave Sinclair was absent through illness.  Jonathan Coe (author of the novel The Rotter’s Club) was present, but decided not to perform his narrative as planned, he said, “I think that the audience are here for the music…” And by the way, ‘Rotter’s Club 2’ (the book) is now finished.

Richard Sinclair and Theo Travis have been working together now for just over a year, they’ve played a few Duo concerts and are writing some new music.  Recording sessions have begun for a new CD for Theo.  Richard is also continuing to play Solo, travel and join up with other outfits around the globe…

But this was a rather special evening, pulling off another Richard Sinclair Dream Band, just to see how it goes…where it leads, he knows not at this stage, but there are some great plans emerging between all the players to collaborate with new tunes for recording.

It was brilliant to see Andy Ward and Richard reunited and also together with Phil Miller on stage and Mark Hewins and it was a great first with Alex Maguire and second gig with Roy Dodds!

The set started quietly with Richard delivering a steady vocal through the familiar lines to “that sung bit in Nine Feet Undergound” as it is also known, with Theo Travis, and flute loops.

Progressed through some new songs with new lyrics, inspiring reinterpretations of some old favourites that were embellished with beautiful solos, and included pieces written by all.

Finishing a strong and interesting presentation, with a rousing rendition of ‘Golf Girl’ - by the audience singing at Richard.

They were up for it, and it was not difficult to get them going!

  1. Disassociation. (Dave Sinclair).
  2. This Frozen Time. (Richard Sinclair, Jonathan Coe)
  3. The Book. (Theo and Madelyn Travis).
  4. Led it Lay (Mark Hewins).
  5. Only The Brave. (Richard Sinclair, Hugh Hopper)
  6. Plan It Earth. (Richard Sinclair).
  7. God Song. (Phil Miller, Robert Wyatt).
  8. Nan True’s Hole. (Phil Miller, Robert Wyatt).
  9. Above and Below. (Phil Miller).
  10. Share It. (Richard Sinclair, Pip Pyle).
  11. What’s Rattlin’ (Richard Sinclair, Pip Pyle).
  12. Psychic Warrior (Alex Maguire).
  13. Keep On Caring. (Richard Sinclair)
  14. Felafel Shuffle. (Richard Sinclair)
  15. What in The World. (Richard Sinclair).
  16. Halfway Between Heaven & Earth. (Richard Sinclair)
  17. 7 Go Wilde. (Richard Sinclair)
  18. It Did’nt Matter Anyway. (Richard Sinclair).

Encore: Golf Girl (Richard Sinclair).

Now, a four piece band are getting ready for Gouveia Art Rock 2004, and will be headlining on the Saturday night April 24th. It will be good to take the music to some new territories and this Portuguese audience will be a first for Richard.

Some nice Email coming in already.  The Caravan, Hatfield and Camel followers of Portugal, are sending a warm welcome to Richard before he gets there!

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