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Raimundo Rodulfo - To LIVE A Dream (official Bootleg)

Raimundo Rodulfo - To LIVE A Dream (official Bootleg)When we reviewed Raimundo Rodulfo’s second album, The Dreams Concerto, last year we were blown away by the rich tapestry of prog, jazz and folk encased in a modern classical frame. 

To LIVE A Dream is a collection of solo, duo and band performances.  Raimundo recorded these over the last three years, from gigs, festivals, and a TV show.  As the recordings come from a variety of sources from video soundtrack to sound desk, the sound quality and mix is not always ideal so, instead of making this live album available for purchase, Raimundo has decided to offer it for download from his website for free to anyone who has purchased his two studio albums – but more about that later.

Now, I must state that I am not generally a fan of live albums for a couple of reasons; many sound ‘tinny’ and lack warmth, and the performances are often lacklustre.  If you attend a concert, the atmosphere and, to some extent, the volume level can do much to turn a less than perfect performance and sound mix with all its hisses and pops into an entertaining evening but the magic is difficult to capture on a recording.  There are exceptions, one being the band Camel who has somehow managed to capture the energy on more than one of their live albums, helped by the fact that they often rearrange the music for the live performance.  I am pleased to say that Raimundo has, regardless of the sometimes less than perfect recordings, also managed to capture the energy of his performances for this album.  It is interesting to note that he too adopts a free approach to the live arrangements – perhaps that is the secret!

I won’t go into length to describe the music (see The Dreams Concerto if you want to know more) other than to say it is full of life, textures and emotion.  Guitar, Spanish and electric are outstanding and the flute and violin pieces are truly beautiful.  Raimundo and his fellow musicians gel together coherently and still hang sufficiently ‘loose’ to create that edge.

To download the album (website link at bottom of this page) you will need a username and password.  The username is ‘dreamer’ and the password is a 3 character alphanumeric string taken from the serial codes written in the inner ring of the disc silver surface of "Dreams" and "The Dreams Concerto" CDs. If you have both discs, take the CDs out of their cases/booklets, and look at the non-printed silver surface. Take the first 2 characters of the Dreams CD serial code, and then take the first character of The Dreams Concerto CD serial code to form the 3 characters password (use only upper case).  The sound files for the album are fairly large so you may wish to consider getting a broadband connection too before you download!  Included in the download files is the complete artwork for making up the jewel case inserts and CD label.  And if you are going transfer the tracks once downloaded to CD, you’ll need an 80 minute CD Audio blank (CD Data discs will work on your PC but may not work in hi fi equipment).  Yes, it requires a little time and trouble but it is ultimately worth it.

And if you haven’t got one or other of the studio CDs, there are some sound samples available for download from Raimundo’s website and purchase details.

Jem Jedrzejewski


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