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Rick Ray - Chainsaw Manicure

Rick Ray - Chainsaw ManicureRick Ray is back, temporarily minus his band this time, with Chainsaw Manicure.  Rick plays all instrumentation with the exception of reeds (Rick Schultz) on this album.

The word 'more' crops up a few times when loosely comparing Chainsaw Manicure with The Rick Ray Band's Night Of The Living Dedicated - more prog, more fun, more serious.

None of the 13 tracks are particularly long; the majority fall into the four minute-something range with the longest and album opener, Reality Replaces The Symbol, hitting the six minute mark.  The old saying, 'it's not the size that matters but what you do with it', definitely applies here and man of experience, Mr Ray, is onto a winner.

Take it as read that Rick's guitar playing remains top of the class and is expected.  The 'wow' factor on Chainsaw Manicure is the compositions and arrangements.  The prog aspect dominates, even in potentially commercial tracks such as Leave It Unsaid, and moments of Zappa-meets-Floyd-meets-Tull are to be savoured in Nothing Left To Think.

There is often an underlying sense of Pink Floyd wafting in and out of the compositions (though a Floyd purist may disagree), but I do mean a 'sense' and not any sort of duplication.

A few listens to this album and personal favourites will come to the fore.  One of those favourites will probably be the super-sensual semi-acoustic guitar instrumental,  Just Wanted To Thank You.  Pure class.  As is the spine-tingling Threnody.

Moments of prog-fusion, and fun, reveal themselves in tracks such as Rhinoceros Shuffle where Rick Shultz excels himself on sax.

Chainsaw Manicure is too good to pass by, so don't be fooled by Rick's ridiculously  generous give-away price (see link to Ray's website below).

Jem Jedrzejewski

Rick Ray


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