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RPWL, Oakwood Centre, Rotherham, 10th September 2005

Originally billed for the Herringthorpe Leisure Centre, a quick change of venue because of a massive power failure enabled this fine German outfit to deliver a fine set of old and new songs from their collection of albums. From their last visit to the UK supporting Ritual in November 2003 (see review) their original bass player Chris Postl is back in the band after a three year break, and with his presence gave the band in what I would call a sharper edge.

The change of venue at around four thirty didn't upset the band at all, and their fine musicianship reflected on the crowd which was quite healthy by recent standards, and I would say RPWL have developed a nice following over the years. With a return date planned for next year, lets hope that a show in London comes around also, as I feel The Mean Fiddler would accommodate the band well.

Opening song Sleep got the audience's full attention with the fine guitar work from Kalle Wallner and with his solo's and riff's made way for front-man Yogi Lang to deliver his tones in a smooth kind of feel. Guest keyboard player Markus Jehle relished performing on the Rotherham stage with some fine solos, and along with drummer Manfred Müller, this band it has to be said are a nice compact outfit.

With many songs such as Start The Fire, Who Do You Think We Are, Gentle Art Of Swimming and Trying To Kiss The Sun, RPWL are one of those bands which keep your attention to it's fullest, and with Chris and Kalle having a 'Rush' style posing session together during some instrumental breaks give them a visual feel also. You could tell from the smiles on their faces that they didn't think twice about last night, having just an hours sleep before catching a plane to fly to the UK from last nights show in Poland, true rock 'n' roll you could say!!

Other songs such as Day On My Pillow and Opel just flowed through the set, and the highlight of the set for me was 3 Lights in which Yogi explained it was about the three lights on a train what he remembered as a child back home in Germany.

The band only had time for one encore, and it was well received. This was RPWL's last live show of this year, and with a new album due next month in October, it is looking bright for them. A great evening's entertainment from this German outfit.

Footnote..... The evening was a emotional one because there was a minutes silence for Pete Bowler who sadly passed away during the week. Those of you who didn't know him, he was the photographer for the CRS. I'm sure all will join all of us at The Hairless Heart Herald in offering our thoughts towards his family and friends. Thank you. (See Photos from the gig below.)

Danny Mayo

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